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Hiroshima, Miyajima & Iwakuni- November 22-24, 2007
We took a quick family vacation to Hiroshima during the Thanksgiving holidays (Luke's school celebrates all of the American holidays). It was nice to get away from the routine of life for a while. Hiroshima was an educational time for Luke as he learned about the history of WWII and the atomic bomb, and Miyajima was perfectly beautiful with the fall colors and very crowded with all of the people who had come to see the fall colors. We also spent a few minutes down in Iwakuni, which is close to where Chris' mother is from.

hiroshima077 hiroshima074

In front of the Atomic Dome

Luke took this picture

hiroshima076 hiroshima071

"Peace" in Hiroshima

The maple trees on Miyajima Island

hiroshima075 hiroshima072

We took the gondola up the mountain

Wild deer down by the ferry dock

hiroshima078 hiroshima073

The famous bridge in Iwakuni


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