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Ikoma House
In May 2007, we moved to Ikoma to be nearer to Luke's school. The Lord provided us with a house that is much bigger than our former apartment, although the rent is about the same. The house is a little unusual in that it sits on top of a parking lot. So while the outside looks a bit "odd," the inside is quite nice. Downstairs there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, bath and spare Japanese room. The upstairs has four rooms plus a small bathroom.

ikomahouse1 ikomahouse2

Our house- notice the bamboo grove in back

The front porch

ikomahouse3 ikomahouse4

A view from the parking lot below

Our car and the stairs up to the house

ikomahouse5 ikomahouse6

The entry area

Living room

ikomahouse7 ikomahouse8

The downstairs Japanese room

Kitchen / dining room

ikomahouse9 ikomahouse10

Our bedroom w/ our new (used) bed

Luke's bedroom (his bed is in the closet)

ikomahouse11 ikomahouse12

Upstairs office

View of the bamboo from the 2nd floor

ikomahouse13 ikomahouse14

Another view of the office

Spare room (aka the video game room)

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