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Kawano-san Baptism
On October 5, 2014, Yoshiro Kawano was baptized at Oasis Church. This was such a blessing for us as we have been walking with Kawano-san these last 2+ years and watching the wonderful things that God was doing in his life. Although his wife has been a part of the church for close to 10 years, Kawano-san didn't start attending until after we transitioned to a house church-style gathering. At first he had so many doubts and questions but he gradually begin to put his faith in Jesus. Once his baptism date was set, he posted the news on his Facebook page and invited all of his friends to join us! None of them came, but his enthusiasm and hunger for the Lord is an encouragement to us all. Here are some photos of his special day.

Oasis worship service
Oasis worship service

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