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Kinosaki Onsen- August 6-7, 2007
Kinosaki is a small town on the Japan Sea side of Japan that is famous for its seven onsens (hotsprings). After dressing up in our yukatas (summer kimonos) for dinner, we then hit the town to enjoy the hotsprings, a local matsuri (festival) and a firework show. Luke and Chris loved the hotsprings (too hot for Michael). Chris visted one after dinner and two more before breakfast!

kinosaki1 kinosaki2

Our hotel in Kinosaki

Two strangers we met at breakfast

kinosaki3 kinosaki4

Patti Shiokari, the Cerritos Team leader

Hangin' out in our yukatas

kinosaki5 kinosaki6

Jim & Karen Kohara

Damon enjoying his shabu-shabu dinner


The 2007 Cerritos Team


Overlooking the Sea of Japan

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