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Snowy Mt. Kongo- December 23, 2009
When asked what Luke wanted to do during his winter vacation, he said "Climb Mt. Kongo." So, Luke and I (Michael) headed out to conquer the highest mountain in Osaka. Little did we know that it was covered in snow! Of the 100 or so other hikers we saw during the day, we were two of the only ones who didn't have clamp-on spikes on our shoes! However, we made it to the top and back on 4 hours and had great fun hiking in the snow.

kongo094 kongo091

Walking up the slippery steps

Taking a break to enjoy the snow

kongo092 kongo095

The happy hikers!

A snow hut at the top

kongo097 kongo093

The summit of Mt. Kongo (1,125m)

Burr!! It was cold at the top


Luke made a new friend

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