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Issue 74- June 2015

In a few short days we will be boarding a plane for our trip to the States. As we look ahead to a summer on home assignment, we would like to share a few prayer requests with you.

The church ministry has been going well the last six months. A 6-month study of Colossians, plus a new Christian growth class has been a source of much blessing and growth for the church family.

While we are away for the summer, we ask that you please pray for Oasis Church. Specifically, PLEASE PRAY for the weekly Sunday gatherings. In our absence, we are encouraging everyone in the body to use their gifts to minister to one another. PRAY especially for those who might feel like they have nothing to contribute. May the Holy Spirit give them courage and boldness to serve in new (and potentially challenging) ways.

The KCS school year came to an end on June 12th. The highlight of the day was Luke’s graduation from junior high school. He worked very hard this year, and we are very proud of him. In the Fall, Chris’ role at the school will be changing once again. From September, she will become the new, full-time 1st-2nd grade teacher. She is excited about this new challenge, and is looking forward to serving this wonderful group of students. Michael has also agreed to serve once again as the school chaplain for the new school year.

We ask that you please continue to pray for Kansai Christian School. Specifically, PLEASE PRAY for Chris as she prepares for her new role over the summer. PLEASE ALSO PRAY for the five new teachers that will join the KCS staff next year, including two who will be arriving in Japan in August. May they have a smooth adjustment to life in Japan and to their new positions at KCS. Please also pray for unity among the staff and good working relationships between the old and new teachers.

mwm74Our schedule for the summer is slowly coming together. Here is a list of confirmed dates and churches that we will be visiting in Southern California:

June 28-July 4- JEMS Mount Hermon Family Camp

July 12- Epic Church (Fullerton, CA)

July 26- Altadena Presbyterian Church

August 9- Cerritos Baptist Church

August 16- Victory Fellowship (Torrance, CA)

August 23- Los Angeles Holiness Church

PLEASE PRAY that God would bless the time we spend with our supporting churches. Not only do we want to thank them for their partnership with us, but we also desire to be an encouragement to them as we share about the Lord’s work in Japan.

PLEASE ALSO PRAY that our two months in the States would be a time of much needed rest. The last two years have been among the most stressful of our 18 years in Japan, so we are praying that this summer would also be a time of spiritual, emotional & physical renewal.

Finally, we ask that you PLEASE PRAY for quality time with family, especially with Chris’ parents as they continue to struggle with their new living situation. During the month of August we will be staying right next door to her parents, so we are thankful for that. We also plan see Michael’s family in the Northwest for a few days in June and a week in July.

Thanks again for all of your prayer and support on our behalf. We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming months.

Blessings in Jesus,


Michael & Chris Mason


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