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For almost 26 years, Sakai International Bible Church (SIBC) served Southern Osaka Prefecture as a bilingual, international church.

However in mid-2012, we sensed that the Lord was leading the church in a new direction. As a result, the church moved to Izumiotsu City (a little south of Sakai) where we have transitioned into a more simple-style, organic church that meets in the home of one of our church members.

oasislogo120dpiIn order to reflect the new direction that God has lead us (and since we are no longer in the city of Sakai), we also decided to change the name of the church. As of February 2013, SIBC is now known simply as Oasis Church. The Lord led us to this name because the country of Japan is a spiritually dry nation, and we believe that the church should be a place were people come to find rest, refreshment and renewal. In John 7:37-38, Jesus gives us this wonderful invitation:

"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink."

At Oasis Church, we want to be a spiritual oasis where tired, thirsty people can gather together and drink from Jesus. Through worship, prayer, bible study and fellowship, we trust that the Holy Spirit will bring renewal and refreshment to our thirsty souls.

To learn more about the church, please visit the Oasis homepage at

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